For more than three decades, WNC has been providing reliable and trusted cover to thousands of financial institutions. Our lender placed hazard, flood and wind insurance are available on either loan-level or blanket portfolio basis to insure mortgage loans against potential physical loss or damage to various types of loan collateral. We also offer customizable insurance tracking services for medium and large loan portfolios.

You can see the breadth of our product range on the following downloadable PDF's.

Based on the ideal LPI structure that best serves your needs or suits your preferences, we can implement your WNC program in your choice of one of the following options:

  • Full Insurance Tracking and Coverage Placement (with client-approved customer notices and mailing cycles)
  • Exposure Only or Immediate Coverage Placement (with optional client-approved customer notices and mailing cycles)

Hazard/Flood/Windstorm contacts

Sheri Kordsmeier

SVP, Partnership Development Team, Financial Services Division

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